Meet Miranda Kendall, our new Director for EMEA

Spotlight Reporting experienced a number of big wins in 2022, including its continued expansion into the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. With a strong team already focused on the market, Miranda Kendall has officially stepped in to lead the charge, operating as Director EMEA.

As we reported in our recent press release, Miranda will work closely with the existing team and Spotlight Reporting’s global leaders to optimise the company’s work and growth in the region. Initially, she will focus specifically on UK and South African growth, market share, customer and company outcomes. As Miranda continues to settle into her new role, we thought now was a good time to get to know our EMEA leader a bit better.

From a sporty childhood to a career in software

Brought up in East London, Miranda emigrated with her family to Australia in the mid-90s. Competitive and with a knack for sports, she spent much of her young years training and competing in trampoline. While an injury halted her dream of making it all the way to the Olympics, Miranda’s love of movement and health continued, as she became a trampoline coach and developed a love of fitness, running and yoga.

Meanwhile, Miranda’s ambitious spirit bloomed in her professional career. Starting out at a large multinational cloud applications and services provider, Miranda has worked in software for more than 20 years at organisations large and small. Carving out a name for herself on the business side, Miranda spent time in sales, consulting, management and leadership roles. Throughout these different positions, she’s remained focused on customer experience, and helping businesses to grow their bottom line, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

A memorable highlight of Miranda’s career took place at her most recent role prior to Spotlight Reporting. An accounting firm came to the company seeking help, as the business would go under if no changes were made. Miranda and the team were able to provide an improved implementation service, as well as advice and support, that eventually helped the firm to turn their business around. 

Making the move to Spotlight Reporting

Having known each other since the early 2000s, when the Spotlight Reporting team were seeking a leader in the EMEA region, Richard Francis, Spotlight’s CEO and Founder, reached out to Miranda to see if she would be interested. The timing was fitting, as Miranda’s Managing Director role was coming to an end.

Miranda comments that it was an attractive offer, as it meant she would be able to leverage her experience working with accounting firms, and help to define and achieve Spotlight Reporting’s vision and plans for 2023. She says she appreciated the fact that the company had a positive team and culture, and a focus on the human element. In addition, she says she was drawn in by the opportunity to grow within the company, and Spotlight Reporting’s strong solution and product roadmap.

Miranda’s new role sees her fostering relationships with customers and partners, and developing the EMEA team. Miranda says she foresees a lot of her time will be spent working with customers and various prospects, with coaching and developing the internal team.

Miranda says, "I aim to lead EMEA to an affluent financial brand, partnerships, and team with our customer outcomes at the heart of it at all times. I aim to amplify Spotlight and optimise experience whilst assisting in fulfilling our mission of empowering accountants, advisors and CFOs to make better decisions and make a tangible impact on stakeholders in our community."

As with all of Spotlight Reporting’s global operations, the EMEA team is supported by experts and resources in sales, customer success, education and training, and marketing, with the overall aim of enabling accountants to successfully deliver advisory services using Spotlight Reporting. This includes the likes of the Transform in Action online course, and an in-depth Help Centre.

"I aim to amplify Spotlight and optimise experience whilst assisting in fulfilling our mission of empowering accountants, advisors and CFOs to make better decisions and make a tangible impact on stakeholders in our community.”

Fuelled by passion and simple pleasures

When not sharing her impressive leadership and business strategic skills, Miranda can be found regularly exercising, taking care of her array of pets, upcycling furniture, and spending time with her family. She says it’s her family that gets her up in the morning, and that loved ones are so important.


Best trip you ever took: Scuba diving with whale sharks in Western Australia 

The first cassette tape you ever owned: Culture Club was my first album, and my first concert was Kissing to Be Clever

The last thing you binge watched on Netflix: The new season of Dynasty

Your very first paying job: Milk round aged at 11 to help pay for a stereo 

Iphone or Android: iPhone

Most famous person you’ve met: In the UK I spent time with George Graham and Sir Alex Ferguson 

Favourite movie of 2022: Bullet Train 

Something that makes you feel old: My child turning 18 in January

When you need to save money, what’s the first thing you cut: Buying shoes

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