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Create fast financial reports for KPI tracking, impact reporting, and strategic analysis. Plan for the future with powerful cash flow forecasting. Spend less time staring at spreadsheets, and more time doing good.

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Join Not-for-Profits around the world who increase efficiency, grow donations, and drive real change using Spotlight Reporting's powerful suite of reporting, forecasting and consolidation tools.


Why Spotlight Reporting?

Our award-winning suite of reporting tools empower Not-for-Profits with powerful solutions to create better business outcomes.

Powerful Reporting

Easily create powerful and visual reports. Reveal insights that allow decision-makers to act with confidence.

Multi Entity

Along with visualising the financial and non-financial performance of each entity, you can also easily aggregate, benchmark, and highlight top and bottom performers.

Not-for-Profit charts

The insights become clear using Spotlight’s visualisations and charts so you can make the best use of donations, and evaluate what's working and what's not.

Action Planning

Clearly communicate key actions to your stakeholders and keep track of progress, deadlines, and responsibilities.

Not-for-Profit Template

With a purpose-built Not-for-Profit report template, it only takes minutes—not days—to get up and running.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Our Forecasting tool is an ‘all-in-one’ budget creator, full three-way forecasting and scenario builder.

What our customers say

We’ve made a huge leap. If I showed you what we used to present to the board, compared to what we present now, it’s just miles away!
Renee Cowley, Finance Manager, Dwell Housing Trust
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It also allows for a single group audit saving over $200,000 in audit fees. In addition to saving an immeasurable amount of time for our volunteer treasurers.
Marina Cook, CFO, Playcentre Aotearoa
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You're in good company

Kirsten Forrester has worked for many years at Accounting for Good who are specialists in the Not-for-Profit sector, where clarity, good governance, and informed decision-making are so important.


Which plan works for you?

Advisor or Business Plans

Access to three powerful products:

  • Spotlight Reporting is a powerful management tool designed to help stakeholders make informed decisions to achieve better outcomes. Highlights include an extensive chart gallery, customisation options, company consolidations, and KPIs to measure and monitor what matters the most.
  • Spotlight Forecasting offers full 3-way cashflow forecasting with flexible rules and great outputs, ideal for the Bank and Board.
  • Spotlight Dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what really matters. A great entry-level experience.

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Not-for-Profit or Franchise Plan

Access to:

  • Spotlight Multi is suited for Not-for-Profits that need to visualise, benchmark, and rank performance of up to 500 entities. Spotlight Multi gives you everything you need to make more informed decisions and hit your goals.

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