Faces of Spotlight: Meet Vanessa Bosnich

As Spotlight Reporting’s new Enterprise Business Development Manager (APAC), Vanessa Bosnich is responsible for nurturing our enterprise partnerships, and deploying our software across all firms involved. This usually means a lot of in-person meetings and interactions, which is a part of her job that she loves—but for now, she’s making do with Zoom calls. 

“I find it hard being stuck behind this laptop,” she laughs, “because I’m such a people person. But I make it work.”

Despite being limited to online interactions, Vanessa still brings a lot of energy to the everyday, which serves her well as an active mother of three. In her spare time, she’s involved in all kinds of group sports and activities like hiking, golfing, roller blading, rock climbing, and skiing. She’s even  the leader of her local Girl Guide group. 

“I love being around people, and bringing them on the journey,” says Vanessa, and across all areas of her life, this is exactly what she does.

Vanessa and friends

A Bright Beginning

Vanessa started her working life straight out of high school, with a position in Toshiba’s sales team, selling facsimiles on Sydney’s North Shore. From there, she moved into a role with a well respected investment bank called Bankers Trust—her start in the finance world.

“I was delighted to get that job,” says Vanessa, “That’s where my passion for finance really started.”

A few years and a few jobs in the industry later, Vanessa began working at Spotlight in 2016. Long standing clients might remember her from her work during this period as our Senior Account Manager for NSW and ACT. 

“It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had,” she says. “I'd do five inhouse appointments a day, around three or four days a week, all over the state, and I really enjoyed it! It was just so... thrilling for me to empower these firms by presenting our software, and really bringing it to life. Many firms had never seen reports like this.”

After a few years with us, Vanessa decided it was time for her to make a move to a different SaaS company, to take on a new challenge, but she never forgot her experiences working with the Spotlight family. Two and a half years later, Spotlight was able to offer her the Enterprise BDM role, and she was only too happy to accept.

“I’ve always said that your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you're a good operator, you attract good employees,” says Vanessa. “I knew Richard would only have the best people working for him, and I’m proud to be one of them.”

Back in the Spotlight

Since coming back to Spotlight in September 2020, Vanessa has quickly settled into her new role, meeting with enterprise and other clients to help them optimise their usage of our software.

“I love my work at Spotlight Reporting! I’ve always been passionate about fintech solutions, especially ours,” she says. “Collaborating with my enterprise partners to help them bring their advisory relationships to life is incredibly rewarding.”

But Spotlight’s software wasn’t exactly as she remembered it all those years ago, as we’re constantly upgrading it with powerful new features. Vanessa had to reacquaint herself with the product, and her colleagues were only too happy to go above and beyond to get her settled in. 

“I was excited to come under Kristin (Harris, CSO)’s leadership in this new role,” she says. “Kristin’s a real inspiration, and I know I’ll learn a lot being in her team. As for the rest of the office, they’ve really taken the time out to get me up to speed—I really appreciate it.” 

Despite this learning curve, Vanessa’s enthusiasm and knowledge for both the accounting industry and Spotlight Reporting mean that she’s a natural fit for her position. She’s at her best when she’s in the room with clients, learning about their pain points and finding solutions to their problems. 

“I like meetings where I start out by asking questions,” says Vanessa. “I take a look at the reports firms are producing, and ask them how long it takes to create them. Then I pull out some wow-factor features we have—like Loan Amortisation Rules—which take ages to do in Excel. People are always so excited when they see what Spotlight can do!”

Vanessa and her daughter at Girl Guides, and Vanessa on her first day back with Spotlight

The Adventurous Leader 

Outside of work, Vanessa keeps herself busy with a range of outdoor activities, which often combine her love of adventure, with her love for people. She’s always on the go, and doesn’t like putting off till tomorrow what can be done today.

Procrastination is the thief of time, believes Vanessa. “I like to make swift and thoughtful decisions, and then follow through with conviction”.

A perfect example of this was the way Vanessa started up a local Girl Guide group when her daughter had a desire to join.

“Our local guiding group had shut down years ago due to a lack of leaders, so without hesitation, I jumped into action, and started up a new group for my daughter and other like-minded girls” 

That’s what Vanessa is passionate about doing in her spare time, running a team of 24 girls each week, plus launching a new group for older girls to join next year. Giving back to the community, raising money for charity, and inspiring the next generation of leaders is what motivates her.

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