New Industry Templates, UK Balance Sheet Layout and User Interface

Our latest release includes a number of enhancements:

  • New agriculture and hospitality industry templates
  • Balance Sheet Layout
  • Re-designed Organisation and Practice Settings Pages

New agriculture and hospitality industry templates

The most informed business decisions are made when you use the most relevant data available. Last month, we added specific templates for the Retail, SaaS and Professional services industries that provide a great platform for providing in-depth reports to specific business types.

It’s been great to see the uptake, but we didn’t want to stop there. So we asked you to vote on what templates you wanted next. We collated your votes and are happy to bring you the following new industry templates:

You can find the new templates in the template dropdown menu on the customise layout tab. Alternatively, click the add page button on the customise layout tab to add the new industry specific pages to existing reports. You can also select the new charts from the chart gallery module.

Balance Sheet Layout

We’ve added a new balance sheet layout option specifically for our United Kingdom and other global customers. The new layout re-orders the standard balance sheet to a format more commonly used in these territories (view sample, PDF). In addition, the standard balance sheet layout has been updated to display equity accounts in summary and detail modes. Just add a newbalance sheet page to your report to see the latest updates.

Re-designed Organisation and Practice Settings Pages

Recently, we have been making a number of user interface updates to Spotlight. The organisation and practice settings pages are the latest to receive some design love.

To find out more details about this release, please read our latest release note or view our 1-min release video.

We hope you enjoy our latest product update. For any further information, please visit our Help Centre.

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