The evolution of cloud forecasting

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Join us for the next level: Consolidated Forecasting

Three years ago, Spotlight was at the forefront of the forecasting revolution, when we created software that let businesses and accountants forecast in the cloud. Now, we’re on the cusp of launching the next evolution: Consolidated Forecasting for up to 75 related entities. Get ready to save time, save effort, and give your stakeholders the power to make confident decisions across multiple entities.

Consolidated Forecasting to drive change

Do you have clients with consolidation requirements? Are you a CFO of a multi-entity business? Creating consolidated forecasts in Spotlight is refreshingly easy and offers massive time-savings.

Heavy duty forecasting features, all in a single tool

With access to a wide range of features including drivers, loan amortisation and dynamic rules, experimenting with scenarios and creating forecasts is easy. Feed these into your consolidated forecast, so you can make better decisions, quickly.

Built by accountants and forecasting experts

You can trust that our product is built and backed by a wealth of experience from accountants and product experts, alongside feedback from the most innovative accounting firms and CFOs.

Multi-currency consolidation for up to 75 entities

Powerful enough to handle the most complex businesses, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow. As entities or currencies are added they can be easily folded into your Consolidated Forecast.

Unlock new revenue streams

Advisors and Accountants will be able to unlock a completely new advisory revenue stream by offering three-way consolidated forecasts to multi-entity clients.

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Julie Francis, CFO & Co-founder, Spotlight Reporting
Quote from Matt
Matt Kekena, Product Manager, Spotlight Reporting
I've tried several Reporting add-on's for Xero and have selected Spotlight Reporting above all the others. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, and I was able to get up to speed very quickly thanks to the great support from the Spotlight team, and their online resources.  Most of all my clients think they are great too, and at the end of the day that's what counts!! I can highly recommend Spotlight - or perhaps I shouldn't else I'll lose the competitive edge it's giving me!
Brian Katzen, Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, Xero Advisor
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Join us for the next level: Consolidated Forecasting

Join us for this exclusive webinar to learn more about our powerful Consolidated Forecasting tool.
December 9, 2020
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