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What it is like to work with us?

The mission to transform an industry is easy to rally behind when you come from that very industry. Originally an accountant, I've since transformed into a Product Manager via Education Lead and Customer Support Manager over the last nine years working at Spotlight Reporting. Beyond supporting and educating accountants/advisers/businesses to use the best software, I'm now working with the team that actually builds it!

Working at Spotlight has provided me with the opportunity to learn and improve my skill set, through working with a team that is both collaborative and supportive.

I joined Spotlight Reporting as an intern and stayed due to the opportunity it offers. I enjoy the hands on experience working with the different teams and experimenting on areas that benefits the team, company and myself. People are collaborative and willing to share their expertise at Spotlight Reporting.

Available Positions

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Supporting our people and innovation at large

Spotlight Reporting is proud to support our employees and innovation at large. Over time we’ve built  a great team that turns up every day with passion to deliver for the accounting industry, businesses and communities.

Our Mission

We empower advisors in the accounting industry to do meaningful work. CFOs and business owners produce great reports and forecasts with our software and accounting firms are able to earn new revenue.

Our Accounting DNA

We're on a mission to empower the accounting industry and have accountants working in our business building toolsets and solutions for other accountants – the power of our people is a big part of our USP.

A Diverse Team

Over 50 people work for Spotlight Reporting in roles around the world. We have a number of teams: Sales, Customer Success, Support, Design, Product, Marketing, Developers, Education and Training, and more.

Supportive learning environment

While we make an effort to come together in person - to hash out ideas and deliver on a variety of projects - we’ve adapted to the modern world of work and allow for flexibility of location and days for remote working,

A Truly Global Team

Spotlight Reporting has offices and team members across the globe all working closely together.

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