Driver-Based Forecasting: Connect the Dots From Driver to Success

Today, we’re launching Driver-Based Forecasting to help you take forecasting to the next level.

Build accurate, responsive forecasts using key business drivers

Using Spotlight Forecasting and the power of Drivers and Dynamic Rules, it’s easy to build forecasts based on key business drivers. You choose the inputs that drive business activity – from price and quantity, through to billable hours, head-count, or even days worked. Use these drivers as the building blocks to forecast revenue, costs and the success of the business.

Pricing change? More staff to hire? Updating drivers is simple. Manage your Drivers within Spotlight and any changes you make will automatically flow through to your forecasts and scenarios, and best of all there’s no need for spreadsheets.

“Understanding the key drivers of a business helps you to have a greater awareness of business activity and to be able to forecast more accurately. My challenge to Advisors is to own the forecasting process, to work alongside business owners on their journey, and have regular discussions.”
Julie Francis, Spotlight Reporting CFO and Forecasting Product Owner

The Driver-Based approach

We've made it easy to create and update drivers to improve your forecasting experience.

1. The first step is to determine the key business drivers. What are the key variables that drive revenue, costs and the success of the business? Should these drivers play a key part in your forecasts?

2. Once you’ve decided on your drivers, setting them up in Spotlight is simple. Add drivers that are relevant to your business into the Drivers data grid. Then use our Dynamic Rules functionality to create formulas to build out your forecast or scenarios. Go to the Task Manager screen to get started.

3. Update drivers as required and you'll be able to show your clients the impact on profitability and cash flow. Be insightful and relevant.

“Driver-Based forecasting is a great addition to Spotlight Forecasting… Simple to use and easy to set up!”
Paul Day, Owner and Director, Altier Finance + Business Solutions

Get started with Driver-Based Forecasting

If you’re after a head start, here are two tips to help get you going:

1. Watch our recorded training webinar and we’ll show you the ins and outs of Driver-Based Forecasting.

2. If you’re after a little more help take a read through our help guide and video.

We’ve built Driver-Based Forecasting to give you greater degree of confidence and accuracy in your forecasts.

Not a subscriber but keen to try Driver-Based Forecasting? Sign up for a free trial or book a demo with the team.

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