Tech Insights with Accounting Leaders: Cameron Stone, Partner, Walker Wayland NSW

1. 2020 delivered more than its fair share of challenges, but thinking technology, what were you most grateful for?

Our firm was in a fortunate position when the pandemic struck, as we had the infrastructure in place so that when the state went into lockdown all we needed to continue to service our clients was our laptops and our mobile phones.

We made the decision quite some time ago to move to the cloud and we haven’t looked back.  We are particularly fond of Microsoft teams.

It’s a great tool to communicate effectively when you are all working remotely.

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2. From a tech perspective, what do you believe is the greatest issue facing the accounting industry right now?

The speed of change within the cloud application ecosystem.

There are so many awesome applications out there, and there seems to be new applications hitting the market each week.

We find our clients will generally come to us for advice in this space, so it is our responsibility to be across what is out there and what applications will/won’t work for their particular business.

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3. What’s the number 1 tech solution on your wish list?

I am sure it will come but it would be great to have meetings in VR someday soon. When reflecting on the last 12 months, I’ve had many conversations with people about how much time they are saving by cutting out travel time.

People are more conscious of how they spend their time.

I don’t think we can go back to flying across the county for one meeting. However, you can’t replace a face-to-face meeting! I am hopeful VR meetings will provide a better experience than the video conferencing applications currently on offer.

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