Lou Elliott: Spreading smiles and sales at Spotlight Reporting

To have a positive, radiant energy and bring a can-do attitude to work everyday can be a challenge for most, but it undeniably comes naturally for Lou Elliott, Spotlight Reporting’s Sales Development Representative EMEA. Lou brings the sunshine to her role each and every day, and having joined Spotlight Reporting only six months ago, she has already shared her bright disposition with clients and team members alike. 

At one with nature, enjoying the village life

Growing up in Daventry, Lou has a love for the village life, where she spends much of her down time with family. Big on family and as one of seven siblings, Lou enjoys spending time with her nearest and dearest, including seeing her nieces and nephews whenever she can. She also loves being outside, and will often head out for adventures or walks. Always one to try out new things, she’ll put her hand to anything new and fun, including pottery, gardening and yoga. 

Having spent her first few years working in property and later moving to recruitment, Lou has a strong work ethic and knows how to win new business. During her time at an estate agency, Lou was able to quickly grasp the powers of selling, but not in the traditional way you may think. As described by Lou herself, she likes to take a relaxed approach to sales, saying, “People buy from people.” With this energy, Lou has a commendable sales win history, and both her personality and determination have allowed her to be successful in all of her roles. 

People buy from people.”

Full steam ahead into the accounting ecosystem 

After working for five years in property and recruitment, Lou entered the world of accounting software and joined Karbon, the practice management platform for accounting firms. Lou spent just under two years working for the software company as a senior relationship manager, before bringing her energy and charm to the team of Spotlight Reporting as a Sales Development Representative. 

Lou’s sales role at Spotlight puts her as the first point of contact for prospective clients coming through, making her the friendly face our potential customers see when they get in touch. With her own large network of professionals, Lou also spends her time reaching out to contacts to showcase the power of Spotlight Reporting, using her can-do and relaxed approach to bring in new business.

Smiles on Zoom: Waving the Spotlight Reporting flag 

As well as speaking to new prospects, Lou spends time demonstrating Spotlight Reporting and highlights the power of the technology, sharing her own enhanced knowledge of the solution and bringing new clients into the fold. In only six months, Lou has been able to learn the software inside and out, helping existing and prospective clients to better understand how they can get the most value from the solution. Lou says every day at Spotlight is different, with the people, culture and values the main reasons she wanted to join the team and what makes work all the more enjoyable. 

Lou’s radiant personality shines through in everything she does, and as an integral part of the team bringing new clients into the Spotlight world, she’s well-equipped to showcase the true power of Spotlight Reporting. In the next few months, Lou plans to continue to learn and develop her Spotlight knowledge and will attend regular events across the UK to share her A-game on the Spotlight Reporting stands. 

Lou is a really one-of-a-kind team go-getter and there’s no doubt she’ll continue to shine on as time progresses at Spotlight Reporting. Plus, we really do recommend checking out her ‘Would You Rather Wednesday’ LinkedIn polls for some fun. 

Get in touch with Lou today to get started with Spotlight Reporting.

SPEED ROUND: with Lou Elliott

Best trip you ever took

I spent 5 months in Australia travelling the East Coast. My favourite places were Whitsundays and Brisbane.

Most watched TV show 

I’ve watched Afterlife about 6 times now… and I will absolutely watch it tons more.

Your very first paying job

Paper round. They made great profit as I spent my weekly £7.50 on their sweets.

iPhone or Android

iPhone. I was the first of my friends to have an iPhone and I was so embarrassed as I thought it was big and ugly…… Tiny phones were the fashion then.

Most famous person you’ve met

I was a waitress for Tom from Mcfly when I worked at Fawsley Hall. I actually missed my year 5 school trip to see Mcfly. Sorry Mum, so this was a dream come true. And he tipped me £40.

Something that makes you feel old

The grey hair I found 6 weeks ago. I’m still thinking about it.

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