Spotlight Reporting success: iNexus’ revenue growth soars following smart investment

More and more accounting firms are turning to technology innovation to best support their customers’ needs, and with Spotlight Reporting’s forward-thinking approach, businesses can rest assured they’re in safe hands. This is exactly the case for iNexus.

A father and son crunching the numbers in South Africa

iNexus is a future-forward business continually working to revolutionise its digital presence. Nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa is iNexus, a South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) registered accounting firm run by father and son, Hanro Kotze and Marlo Kotze. In a nutshell, the firm provides outsourced accounting services to businesses and is one of the leading Xero platinum partners in South Africa. They provide the skills and knowledge to companies to improve their management and maximise growth and profitability. 

iNexus describes how in the past, the accounting industry has always taken responsibility for monthly processing and submissions. However, when it comes to financial management, a company has always been left to their own devices. Where iNexus makes a real difference is how they provide a solution to this problem. With relevant software and knowledge, they effectively gather information and supply analytics to help clients make better decisions. 

The dynamic duo save time to focus on what truly matters

Having found themselves caught in a rut of spending too much time on their management reports for their clients, iNexus realised they needed a solution to help them save time and focus on what truly matters: their clients. 

Having spent time doing their research on what app could best support their needs, iNexus came across Spotlight Reporting and knew it was the solution they had been looking for. With a smooth sailing implementation, which iNexus puts down to the very well thought out and easy to use UI that Spotlight Reporting has, the firm was able to get up and running in no time. 

Using Spotlight Reporting gave iNexus the ability to provide professional management reports for their clients, meaning they could spend more time helping them, and less time on building the reports. In addition, the team says Spotlight Reporting helps a lot with how fast they can create management reports and the customisation that is available is excellent. Overall, iNexsus was thrilled with Spotlight Reporting right from the start, and found that it received great feedback from clients and the banks in South Africa.

“Using Spotlight Reporting gave them the ability to provide professional management reports for their clients which meant they could spend more time helping them, and less time on building the reports.”

Thrilled with their new software, iNexus also found it helped them overcome many challenges that they had previously faced, including time saved from creating reports, the usefulness of the business tracking graphs including the profit graphs for YTD tracking and much more.

“Spotlight Reporting helps with how fast they can create management reports and the customisation that is available is excellent.” 

Another great outcome of implementing Spotlight Reporting was around cash flow. For a client that was struggling with cash flow management, iNexus used the Cash Flow Waterfall (Cash Flow Analysis) report, to provide a visual representation of where the client’s cash was going. This, in turn, made it easy to plan and understand how to spend their money to grow the company and its bank account.

Achieving 20% revenue growth with the help of Spotlight Reporting 

Not only has iNexus been wowing clients with great management reports and encapsulating visuals, iNexus themselves have seen real growth in their business by using Spotlight Reporting. Hanro says that by including monthly or periodic management statements they have seen an estimated 20% increase in revenue growth.

When saying why other firms should be using Spotlight Reporting, Hanro states, “Spotlight Reporting makes it possible to give professional and usable management statements. With minimal effort you are able to give the client a great overview of their business and with seamless integration with Xero, no extra processing is needed.”

Whether you’re spending hours sitting at your desk and need a bit of help like Hanro and his team, or you’re looking to automate your processes to keep your clients happy, Spotlight Reporting can help you succeed. Discover more today. 

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