Spotlight Reporting Scoops Major Xero Award

It is almost five years to the day that we created the Spotlight Reporting company and started the journey as a software provider to accountants and business owners. Fast forward to Xerocon 2015 in Auckland and it was a great affirmation of the effort over those five years to receive the Add-On Partner of the Year Award from Rod Drury.

When we launched our first product in 2011 (again at Xerocon), it was Rod who described it as "reporting on steroids" - and to this day we aim to provide reporting, forecasting and dashboard tools that empower our users. Now our users are in dozens of countries, and range from Big four accounting firms to sole practitioners, franchises, not for profits and business owners. Without their valued support, we wouldn't be on the trajectory that we are.

For our team, we are not motivated by awards per se (but they're certainly great to win), but by partnering with our subscribers to transform their firms and businesses. We are excited by the opportunities that emerge when smart people have clarity, insight and understandable data for better decision-making. I think that our focus on true transformation, partnership and product mix have been key ingredients in helping us to become the most popular reporting option in the Xero eco-system.

Now that we have boots on the ground in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US, we are on to the next stage of our growth journey. I hire for heart, expertise and passion - and having moved from 3 team members to 20 in the last 12 months, I'm thrilled to have formed a world-class team that will take us forward. Our team want to make a difference globally and the Xero Award is a nice milestone that gives us the courage and confidence to hold true to that vision.

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