Spotlight Reporting brings credibility to accounting firms and their clients

In the current dynamic economic landscape, growth is not merely a desirable outcome, it’s a fundamental necessity for a company's survival and success. Juna Financials Solutions is an accounting and finance powerhouse that has elevated many businesses by offering comprehensive services with the perfect blend of talent and technology. 

On a mission to empower businesses to reach the next level, Juna Financial Solutions provides its clients with information beyond balance sheets and income statements. This is where Spotlight Reporting comes in, enabling financial reports and KPI's to provide engaging and actionable insights. 

“Accounting is the language of business, and Spotlight Reporting helps us interpret that language for our clients so they can understand what they need to know to make informed business decisions.”- Alicia Amaral, Co-founder & Partner at Juna Financial Solutions. 

Streamlined migration to Spotlight Reporting

Many accounting professionals hesitate  when bringing new software into their practice, as they  assume it will be a time-consuming, expensive process that will require external support. 

However, the implementation process with Spotlight Reporting was exceptionally easy for Juna Financial Solutions, as their clients could continue to use their preferred accounting software and seamlessly integrate their data into Spotlight Reporting to create powerful reports and forecasts. This also saved many clients time and money, as there was no need to purchase new accounting software. 

Spotlight Reporting creates executive level reports with meaning

With most accounting software offering only basic management reports, many clients of Juna Financial Solutions found it less impactful in their board meetings. But when they used Spotlight Reports, the financial data was highlighted with the charts and graphs, and their KPIs stood out in the executive summaries. 

“We have enabled our clients to have better financial data that they can present to their boards and investors, giving them more credibility within their external stakeholders.”- Jean Zick, Co-founder & Partner at Juna Financial Solutions. 

In addition, for clients looking to grow a new consolidation, forecasting is a crucial tool to help anticipate, plan, and make informed decisions. Spotlight Reporting’s three-way forecasting feature has helped many of Juna Financial Solutions clients in presenting reports to the board in a more digestible format. By integrating historical data, market insights, and industry trends, businesses can adapt to changes effectively, and position themselves for sustainable growth and success.

Winning clients with impactful reporting

“Having Spotlight Reports not just helps our clients be credible, but it also makes us more credible. Being able to produce a professional-looking report, attracts us to more clients”.  says Jean Zick

When the clients are in the prospective stage, Juna Financial Solutions sends them Spotlight Reporting sample reports along with their package details. These tailored reports help them convince their prospects that they understand their business and are not only a Bookkeeping company but valuable partners. 

“The clients are 50% more likely to close a deal when they see we are providing them with data that's more actionable. It becomes a differentiator for closing the business.” says Jean Zick
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