Better Business Insights at Scale

Spotlight Reporting was created to meet the needs of top 100 accounting firms around the world and help grow trusted advisor relationships.

Why Spotlight Reporting?

Designed to enable strategic and meaningful conversations with your clients and increase advisory revenue, the Spotlight suite of tools are the preferred choice of the Big Four and thousands of leading accounting firms.

Powerful Reporting

Easily create powerful and visual reports. Reveal key drivers that impact performance.


Our Forecasting tool is an ‘all-in-one’ budget creator, full three-way forecasting and scenario builder.

Visual Dashboards

A dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance, letting your clients focus on what matters.


Save time and effort by seamlessly consolidating your client's organisations with multiple currencies and eliminations.


White-label reports and show off your brand–for free!

Cashflow Analysis

Monitor critical cash movements and balances for your clients' businesses.

Action Planning

Clearly communicate key actions and keep track of progress, deadlines, and responsibilities.


Aggregate, rank, and benchmark 100s of General Ledger accounts.

Four Powerful Products

Our four award-winning products and powerful feature sets give your Enterprise a complete reporting, forecasting, and consolidation platform.


A powerful management reporting tool designed to help clients make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes.


Multi allows you to aggregate, rank, and benchmark. Multi is a specialist tool designed for franchise and not for-for-profit reporting that takes the drudgery out of creating multi-entity reports where comparisons are key.


Great budgeting and cashflow forecasting can mean the difference between business success and failure. Forecasting is an ‘all-in-one’ budget creator, three-way forecasting, and scenario builder.


Dashboard provides an instant snapshot of business performance to enable you to focus on what really matters. A great entry-level experience.

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We're with you every step of the way

From onboarding, training, and goal setting, Spotlight Reporting is designed to enable accounting firms to make the complete journey from service provider to trusted advisor.

Bespoke Strategic Collaboration

This is unique to your needs. A Customer Success workshop, Product Expert session, a case study for your firm–let's talk!

Customer Success Specialist

A dedicated Customer Success Specialist will help you set goals, develop your plan, and provide advice at every stage of your journey.

Tailored Training

Our training is tailored to your specific needs to help you achieve your Advisory goals.

Priority Support

Our global support team will prioritise your tickets for a quick response.

Enterprise Security

Customer trust and data security is at the center of what we do at Spotlight Reporting. Our products, processes, and systems are designed to protect your data.

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Spotlight Reporting offers reliable and flexible reporting and forecasting options backed by a responsive customer success team. Take a look and judge for yourself.