Aruna Naraine: Life in Canada, a journey into the world of Spotlight Reporting, and helping customers far and wide

At Spotlight Reporting, various positions are dedicated to meeting our clients' needs, spanning from sales to customer success. Our Support team also plays a crucial role in addressing these needs, serving at the forefront of our client support efforts. Aruna Naraine, our Education, Training and Support Specialist, is no exception. In fact, she’s saved the day many times over.

Diving feet first: Aruna’s Spotlight Reporting journey begins

Having joined Spotlight Reporting around 18 months ago, Canada-based Aruna has dived feet-first into her role. As an Education, Training and Support (ETS) Specialist, Aruna focuses her time and attention on supporting our clients throughout their Spotlight Reporting journey. 

As Aruna’s first full-time role since graduating college, she brings a wealth of knowledge with her. Before joining the Spotlight team, she spent four years studying Global Studies with PR, earning a degree, an abundance of expert knowledge, and an understanding of how a global company works. 

Whilst studying, Aruna spent time working in customer service, where her talent for supporting and nurturing clients had a chance to shine. Having finished her work and graduating from her studies, Aruna took her calling to help customers at Spotlight Reporting. 

Managing the day-to-day: North America

As part of her daily responsibilities, Aruna attends to the diverse needs of clients, from the very start of her working day up until she logs off. She dedicates her efforts to addressing inbound support inquiries from clients based in the US and Canada, proactively resolving any obstacles they encounter. Using Zoom, she provides hands-on assistance, complemented by regular phone check-ins aimed at fulfilling clients' reporting requirements.

On her work, Aruna says, “Each day’s query can be different, I can be helping a client in Canada with a Custom Chart one minute, and then in the next be focusing my attention on a US-based client with a completely different request. It makes each day interesting.” 

In addition to her support duties, Aruna actively participates in various educational initiatives. For one, she presents regular training webinars tailored to clients, covering a spectrum of topics such as Forecasting, Aggregating, and Benchmarking. In 2024, Aruna says she is committed to sharing these webinars making sure clients are receiving maximum value.

Helping a colleague out: Aruna is always on hand to support the Global team

Following the lead of Kirsten Walton, the Education, Training and Support Manager, Aruna's daily activities are centred around supporting Spotlight’s North American clients. However, for the broader EMEA and North America teams, Aruna actively engages in team calls to help with client progress. Whether collaborating with the Sales team at the beginning of a client journey or helping the Customer Success team to resolve challenges, Aruna breathes life into business goals through smart problem-solving and innovative thinking.

One memorable moment for Aruna was when she helped a client who was working on Custom Charts. This customer was struggling with formatting the charts and needed Aruna’s help. She was quickly able to get a meeting with the client and resolved the query in a matter of minutes. This highlights Aruna’s winning attitude, excellent customer-centric ethic and ability to solve problems fast.

Food and flights: Some of Aruna’s favourites

Outside of her working life, Aruna enjoys cooking and finds joy in trying new recipes with her friends and family. Residing in Ontario, she nourishes her wanderlust as much as possible, with Egypt holding a special place in her heart. In 2024 Aruna is planning a trip to Iceland, where she hopes to experience many breathtaking sights. 

Looking forward to this coming year, Aruna says she’s looking forward to managing support for basic accounts and working on delivering more insightful webinars. 

There’s no doubt that Aruna is an asset to the ETS  team, delivering constant support to those who need it the most. With her innate warmth and compassion, Aruna consistently uplifts the spirits of clients, enriching their experiences with Spotlight Reporting.

SPEED ROUND: with Aruna Naraine  

Best trip you ever took


The first cassette tape you ever owned

Britney Spears 

Most watched TV show 

Derry Girls 

Your very first paying job


Favourite movie 

Spacejam (the original of course!)

Something that makes you feel old

Listening to Milli Vanilli, a 1980’s German R&B band infamous for their lip-syncing! 

When you need to save money, what’s the first thing you cut

Eating out less

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