New in Spotlight: Laying The Foundation For Successful Remote Meetings

We’re now in a world where we can’t depend on in-person meetings. It’s more important than ever that digital tools enable us to collaborate, share information easily, and continue to wow clients and stakeholders with data-driven insights.

This brings us to our latest product update: a completely refreshed and more organised way to present Spotlight reports and forecasts remotely so you can help others quickly understand the data behind the decisions. While we were at it, we also took the opportunity to improve the look and feel of the Preview Screen. Read on to find out what’s new.

Presenting reports effectively using Spotlight Reporting

Let’s cut to the big reveal 👇

You’ll notice a more organised and modern look to the Present Online functionality, with the ability to:

  • Navigate through your report quickly with thumbnails or a list view. Great if you want to skip ahead to a specific page like the Cashflow Waterfall or Comparison Page during your presentation.
  • Remove distractions and enter a full-screen presentation mode.
  • Email a link directly to your client or stakeholders from the Complete Screen, so they can click and load the report in the Present Online view.

Preview with Power

As a product-led team, we always strive to improve and design products that fit seamlessly into your workday. To make your report preparation process even smoother, we’ve utilised the updates from Present Online and copied them into the Preview Screen. This means, with just one click, you can quickly see what your clients or stakeholders will be presented with.

Altogether, these improvements make for a smoother, seamless process, so you can spend more time ‘wowing’ clients and stakeholders. Hop on over to our Help Center for the finer details, or jump into Spotlight and take a look for yourself.

One last thing…

Thank you. These improvements are the result of collaboration with our customers, who provided feedback throughout the development process. Now all that’s left is to collect feedback after the project; how did we do? What do you want to see next?

This redesign sets the stage for more improvements to come, so any feedback you share could be incorporated into the next round of updates. Please email with your thoughts.

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