Transform in Action: Spotlight invites you to level up your advisory services

Advisory services has become a staple offering for accounting firms, spelling the difference between thriving in today’s challenging landscape or falling behind.

At Spotlight Reporting we’ve come to see how expanding your offering can help you grow your bottom line, level up your brand, reputation and clientele. We also know it can be hard to do this right. Whether you’re just getting started or have hit a roadblock, we’re here to help.

 A common question we’re asked all the time is, “What are other firms doing in the market?” To answer, we’re opening our box of tricks to share insider info, tips and tricks, and what works for the best in the biz.

Introducing our Transform in Action course

Our newly launched course, Transform in Action, hones in on how to design and implement successful advisory services into your practice. 

The comprehensive curriculum is broken out into three parts, where we delve into everything from how to achieve better pricing and selling, right through to positioning and onboarding.

Covering all bases in three modules

In the three modules - Advisory Services, Pricing and Monetisation, and Scaling your Advisory Practice - we’ve drilled down into the biggest challenges around offering advisory services, and best practices for how to make sure your operations are aligned with overall business aims and priorities. 

Each module includes short video content, checklists and templates, all designed to streamline your learning and leave you with practical, easily applicable insights and action points. The course is entirely self-paced so you can complete it in your own time.

It also includes regularly updated advisory trends to keep you up to date with market news. 

Putting you in touch with experts

Having built a boutique consultancy firm from scratch, and now working with a wide variety of progressive accounting firms around the globe, our team has come to understand what works and what doesn’t when offering advisory services.

Danelle Whaanga, Chief Experience Officer at Spotlight Reporting, comments, “We’ve taken the learnings of the last 10 years and combined our wealth of experience and resources to bring you the blueprint of how you can deploy and scale advisory services within your firm.”

Leaving you with tangible benefits

Targeting common key performance indicators, our Transform in Action course will leave you with measurable benefits.

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of how to:

  • Define and set your strategy
  • Generate a strong revenue stream from advisory services
  • Engage your team to work with value and purpose, making your company an employee of choice
  • Identify and attract your ideal clients
  • Leverage proven tactics often used in the industry

Leveling up your advisory services

Our mission is to empower accountants and advisors to have proactive, insight-driven conversations with customers, leading to deeper relationships, better outcomes, and new revenue.  One of our main value propositions is to become a strategic partner, helping you to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re new to the world of advisory or an advisory veteran, we have the experience you need to take your services to the next level. Our experts are located around the world, so you’ll have access to relevant local expertise whenever you need it, and having partnered with more than 500 leading accounting firms, including the big 4 & global brands, they’re well placed to share advisory insights and best practices.

Head over to our learning portal to find out more about our Transform in Action course, free to Spotlight Reporting Super VCFO and Enterprise users, and ready to go anytime.

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