Gurpreet Lidder: Summiting peaks in life and business

Supporting customers is our top priority, and great technology is only the start. To maximise the use of any software you need clear and tailored support. Our highly-skilled and passionate team behind the brand is what makes this a reality.

In the role of Senior Account Manager, Gurpreet Lidder supports our United Kingdom and South African clients to get the most out of their software, and extend offerings with advisory services in their select categories. Gurpreet’s primary professional focus is to empower accounting firms, businesses, franchises and not-for-profits to realise the full use of the tech available to them.

Where countryside meets accounting

There’s nothing quite as beautiful or idyllic as the English countryside, which is where Gurpreet calls home. Born and raised in North Hertfordshire, after a stint in London, returned to where it all began and says he “never regretted it… I’ve always been a country boy at heart”.

From his home in the countryside, Gurpreet works with Spotlight Reporting’s Sales team to serve a range of clients, with the underlying focus of improving business outcomes overall. Gurpreet stepped into this role in April 2021, with the change spurred on by the pandemic. 

With a professional background working in software within recruitment and media industries, Gurpreet had long held an interest in the accounting industry. He recognised the world of accounting was changing and evolving rapidly, with the long-traditional industry ripe for technology disruption as the likes of automation and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) began to take businesses by storm.

Helping clients from the UK to South Africa

Fast forward to today, Gurpreet has become increasingly proficient in enhancing Spotlight Reporting's client’s use of software, often leading webinars and demonstrations of the software in action, and collaborating with other departments including customer experience and marketing. 

A standout moment from his time at Spotlight Reporting, Gurpreet recalls is where he continually showcased the software and empowered the client to maximise both forecasting and reporting. This enabled them to not only grow the business at a faster rate but also to get a true reflection of the value of the business, in doing so allowed them to grow to £25m and get acquired at a fair value based on forecasting and reporting work.

Underpinning Gurpreet’s various tasks is always customer support. From onboarding and support at the forefront, right through to how to extend into advisory services and evolving use cases, Gurpreet puts Spotlight Reporting's core mission into action, along with the rest of the sales team.

Working with the sales team means serving current clients and helping to win new business throughout the regions in question. Gurpreet also works within the Spotlight Reporting EMEA team, supported by marketing, customer success, and education and training experts, including offering the likes of the Transform In Action series to help customers evolve within their own practice.

Exploring outside of work, from cycle journeys to mountain crossings

To balance his professional life with the great outdoors and other passions Gurpreet enjoys much outside of work. 

In fine weather Gurpreet may very well take to the roads or the mountains, as an avid cyclist and skier. In his time, Gurpreet has journeyed from London to Brighton, and from London to Amsterdam all by bike. At 20, he tried skiing for the first time and quickly fell in love with the sport, now heading to the mountains whenever he can. The best trip he ever took, however, was 10 days spent crossing the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

When not partaking in sport himself, Gurpreet will catch a live game of football, rugby or F1. Another indoor-friendly hobby for our Senior Account Manager is food. With his father a chef, he spent many school holiday afternoons in a bustling kitchen, and took the joy of cooking into his adult life. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Gurpreet and our sales team can help you in your accounting practice, get in touch today.

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