Tell a Compelling and On Brand Story With New Colour Palletes

Let your brand personality and data shine through with Spotlight Reporting’s new Colour Palettes. Read on find out more.

Choosing any colour scheme – whether it’s for your website, report-cover... or painting your new kitchen – is a challenge. Today, we’re delighted to launch Colour Palettes in Spotlight Reporting that will make it easy to choose an on-brand, consistent colour scheme for your reports.

The psychology of colour in data visualisation

When it comes to visualising data, colour is very important. It makes patterns clearer, digestible, and more visible; it can improve data storytelling, and it can even help make use of data that was previously ignored. Use colour effectively, and you’ll tell a better story, one that engages your clients, captures their attention quickly and helps them better understand the underlying data.

“Using the principles of colour theory, our team created nine new colour palettes to shape data, increase its readability, and provide an even better experience for your clients. This wasn’t an easy process, but practice makes a perfect palette.”
Josh Farmer, Design Lead, Spotlight Reporting

Let your brand personality and data shine

Tell a better (data) story

Now you can make the most of our nine new Colour Palettes. They comprise of natural gradients that vary in both brightness and hue. These palettes work perfectly across all charts – from pie charts to the Cashflow Waterfall.

Reports on-brand, clients on board

Using Spotlight Reporting’s latest feature, you’ll be ready to tell an effective and on-brand story to your clients. Choose a palette that showcases your brand, provides a consistent experience for your clients and helps you connect with your audience.

Sample Report (Multi)

Take your pick

It’s time to get creative! Choose from eight monochromatic palettes (one primary colour across multiple shades), through to our standard Colour Palette (multiple colours). Your new palette will be applied to all charts in your Spotlight reports.

Get Started with Colour Palettes

When you’re ready to choose a Colour Palette, make sure you can answer the following:

  1. Will your new Colour Palette fit into your existing brand colour?
  2. Which Colour Palette will work alongside your Spotlight Report Cover and Logo?

Take your Palette for a spin

Great, you’ve chosen a Colour Palette. Now it’s time to see what it looks like in your reports.

  1. Read through our help guide to get step-by-step instructions on selecting your Colour Palette.
  2. Preview your new Colour Palette and don’t be afraid to ask your clients or stakeholders what they think.

We hope you enjoy this colourful new feature! Please let us know if you’ve got any questions or feedback by emailing

We believe that beautiful, meaningful reports can help you create better business outcomes. So, if you’re not using Spotlight Reporting and want to learn more, start a free trial or book a demo with one of our Spotlight experts. They’ll show you the way!

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