Branded Reporting for Advisory Success

Successful marketing is key to raising brand awareness and growing your advisory services. By ensuring that clients receive a professionally branded report and a tailored advisory experience at each meeting, you will enhance the overall perception of your brand to the wider business community and are more likely attract new clients.

A modern looking report cover design is an essential tool for giving your clients an amazing first impression and professional experience at every client meeting. Our new range of report covers and customisation options are designed to put you firmly in control of the report design.

Choose the new modern design and tailor it to match your brand by customising the colours and logos. Or go even further by uploading your own custom background to show off your firm’s style and flair. Make every client report sing your firm’s praise from start to finish.

We love how our beautiful reports and forecasts help enable your client meetings, but we want you to take all the credit! All our reporting tools have a white-labelling feature - at no extra cost, add your logo to look less like Spotlight and more like your firm. Even better news, you can now add multiple logos to your report cover, giving you the option to add your client’s logo onto every report.

With our new report covers and a customisation options, you can create unique reports fast and scalable! Check out our 2-min training demo and then view and download the recording for our 30-min live webinar to explore how you can effortlessly customise your reports for your clients.

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