Spotlight Reporting + QuickBooks Desktop Connector

Spotlight Reporting boasts a wide range of software integrations, from Xero, to MYOB, to Google Analytics, even Excel. And now, we’re excited to add another one to the mix: Introducing our QuickBooks Desktop Connector!

What is the QuickBooks Desktop Connector?

QuickBooks’ parent company Intuit has authorized a series of third-party hosting providers that will let you run and access certain QuickBooks versions in the cloud. This allows you to access your QuickBooks data securely, anywhere, anytime.

For a full list of Intuit-Authorized Hosting Providers, you can refer to this page on their website.

Spotlight Reporting + QuickBooks

Spotlight Reporting already has both QuickBooks Online and Desktop integrations, and now we’ve expanded that to include the QuickBooks Desktop Connector. Get all the benefits of Spotlight Reporting + QuickBooks without losing the desktop app work you’ve already done!

By using the QuickBooks Desktop Connector with Spotlight Reporting, you’ll gain:

  • Greater flexibility - unlike with the desktop app, you’ll be able to access our software from anywhere, at any time—including on smartphones and tablets
  • Multiple users - while QuickBooks Desktop only allows one user in at a time, QDH lets multiple users access the program simultaneously
  • Real-time Software Updates - you’ll no longer need to manually update your software—updates are automatic, and performed in the background without interrupting your workflows

Ready to take it for a spin? 

For more information, visit our QDC help page here.

Learn how to host QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud here

To start a free trial of Spotlight Reporting, click here.

Happy integrating!

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