Revolutionising financial consulting: Accelerating efficiency with Spotlight Reporting at Tuskar Financial Consultancy

Businesses all strive for greatness, whether big or small, they’re looking to achieve milestones. For a small business, additional pressures often mean they need to see how they’re performing at all times, not only to the benefit of employees but to ensure the company has a bright and strong future. That’s where the team at Tuskar Financial Consultancy (Tuskar Financial) come in.

Founded in 2021, Tuskar Financial Consultancy is aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses with financial management. It was set up by founder and manager, Tomas Kavanagh, who has more than 30 years’ experience working in business finance. With a career history spanning everything from bookkeeping to CFO, Tomas is an expert in his field and is well-equipped with the latest insights and software tools. 

Tuskar Financial offers analysis and business insights to clients, putting the firm in a strong position to support small businesses in need of an extra hand. Tomas explains that for one particular client, reporting was excessively time consuming, often taking days and weeks to put together reports. Tomas found he was going back and forth in Excel, and noticed his time was being stretched thin with little to no result. As he would often present to the Managing Director of the client, and with the pressures of putting together something to showcase, Tomas realised he needed some extra help himself. 

Where financial consultancy meets reporting

Tomas began to scour the web, determined to find a solution to meet his requirements. One evening, Tomas searched online and found Spotlight Reporting, clicked ‘Free trial’, started using it right away, and instantly was wowed. Overnight, he was able to see the difference he could make to his client, and began the work for his reporting needs. Tomas created intuitive reports, with eye-catching graphs that were clear and precise.

What would have usually taken weeks of manual Excel work, was now completed in a matter of hours. Tomas was impressed. He was able to take his reports to the MD of his client and showcase specialised insights. The MD was astounded and the broader team were amazed by the Cashflow Reporting function, and they couldn’t believe it was all done by Spotlight Reporting. 

Graphs to impress and insights for success

After wowing the client, Tomas harnessed the power of Spotlight Reporting in the reporting board pack, where he would present monthly to the client’s board. He was confident that the data he was importing, along with the visually appealing graphs would impress the board, and it did just that. 

Going from endless hours of work in Excel to minimal time and effort, and showcasing an exciting report to the board, meant Tomas had impressed his client and helped them along the way. Tomas was able to not  only improve on his existing relationship with the client by providing insightful data in a presentable way, he was confident that the information inside would help to highlight areas of focus for the business, helping to improve their bottom line.

Tomas says,

“It’s an out of the box solution, and it just works.” 

Tuskar Financial Consultancy were able to save valuable time with Spotlight Reporting and impress clients all in one. That means that Tomas and his team can focus on what’s really important, their clients, and continue to build confidence and support small businesses across the country.

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