QuickBooks Desktop becomes a whole lot easier with Desktop Connector

Let’s call a spade a spade, many accounting firms are still utilising QuickBooks Desktop, Premier or Enterprise. It’s a traditional option, and known to be a more affordable and straightforward solution when real-time collaboration isn’t such a necessity. Even so, it’s not without its headaches but thankfully, we have a solution.

Finding a solution to the struggle

Perhaps you’re encountering a situation where a few of your clients are still using this traditional software (locally installed or hosted) and you have special reporting or forecasting needs that are not available in the application. Or perhaps you have a client with several entities, such as in Real Estate where multiple files reside within one QuickBooks account, and you’re wanting to produce a consolidated report and forecast. 

It’s for this reason that Spotlight Reporting has launched its Web Connector that allows users to connect a desktop file to Spotlight, in order to quickly and easily generate reports and forecasts. While we’ve had this functionality for years and it’s utilised by many of our business clients, the accounting community is yet to come to the party. 

At QuickBooks Connect, the global event series, the Spotlight Reporting team were on the ground to chat with users. It was here that we discovered the need for cloud accounting software that connects with QuickBooks Desktop. Various attendees discussed the reality that there are hundreds of thousands of active Desktop accounts, and some users exclusively use the Desktop option, but they are yet to harness the power of the cloud.

QuickBooks Desktop powered by new tech

There are a number of reasons why clients are still using QuickBooks Desktop, and why it’s still sold by Intuit. For instance, manufacturers are one of the top users since many of them have specialised inventory needs that are not available in any of the QuickBooks Online versions. As a result, we’ve found that accountants from firms of all sizes are almost always looking for a way to get the client’s data imported easily, while not modifying anything in the company file. 

This is where our Desktop Connector comes in. We’ve upgraded this feature to make the connection and importation process easy for both single and multiple entities. While it can, at times, be a challenge to get Desktop clients started, with every new account onboarded the process becomes easier. 

QuickBooks Desktop is understandably seen as a bugbear to scaling and growth. However, utilising QuickBooks Desktop with Spotlight Reporting’s Desktop Connector opens up a number of avenues for accounting firms that are working with Desktop clients, helping to improve consolidation, advisory services and more. Spotlight becomes a powerful enabler, with our Desktop Connector importing QuickBooks Desktop data into Spotlight, with this data able to be hosted in the cloud or through hosted connections. This makes accessing what you need, when you need it, quick and easy.

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