Driving innovation and transformation with Moracle and Spotlight Reporting

In tough economic times, it is more important than ever that businesses help one another. With eye-wateringly high energy prices, a soaring inflation and businesses struggling to make ends meet, it is now that businesses must innovate and plan, which is exactly what the team at Moracle have been helping their clients do since 2008. 

Moracle is a leading management and business support company providing accounting, auditing and professional services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and voluntary sector organisations. Its operation serves the UK and African markets, founded in 2008 by Morlai Kargbo, FCCA. 

Morlai, Managing Director at Moracle is an experienced Chartered Certified Accountant and Registered Auditor and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). With a number of prestigious awards under his belt, including ACCA UK Outstanding Contribution Award winner (2019) in recognition for the great work in his local community and  ACCA, Moracle sits firmly with a determined and passionate leader at the top. “Spotlight Reporting brings accounting to life” says Morlai Kargbo. 

Providing world-class accounting through innovation

Moracle’s vision is to transform the lives of its customers and staff through the provision of world class accounting and professional services, through innovation and technology and by developing and championing underprivileged lives. 

All of this has been achieved, with the help of Spotlight Reporting. Spotlight Reporting has enabled Moracle to see how this information has been translated into the business of its clients. Using Spotlight Reporting's customisable and time-efficient reports, Moracle’s clients can see how the business is growing monthly or yearly, giving insight on how better to move forward. 

Spotlight Reporting’s tools have given Moracle the power to help their clients in more ways than one. When Moracle came to discover that some of their clients were struggling to see a true picture of how their business was performing and not being able to visualise those key areas to focus and improve on, the power of Spotlight Reporting was there to help. By utilising reporting, Moracle can now show their clients how they are doing and highlight any areas they need to improve on. Spotlight Reporting has helped Moracle to manage their clients better and has enabled even those who are not so conversant with numbers to still have a good understanding of the financial data that’s right in front of them.

In addition to helping its clients, Spotlight Reporting’s integrations are a key consideration for Moracle when talking to their clients. A Non-Profit Organisation based in Ghana are using QuickBooks, and were more than impressed with its seamless integration with Spotlight Reporting.

Making a difference where it matters most

Spotlight Reporting makes things easy, in no time at all. Spotlight Reporting has helped Moracle to provide clear, customisable and efficient reports to help them succeed. Moracle are elated with the difference Spotlight Reporting’s technology has made to their business, estimating a revenue growth of 25% and with more than 50% client satisfaction growth in the coming year. 

With the drive for automation and innovation exploding in the accountancy world, Moracle believes that for firms that want to be digital-first, solutions such as Spotlight Reporting make it feasible, providing efficient and profitable reports as well as increased revenue for their business. 

Morlai concludes, 

"Leave every person you meet with an impression of increase’. This is something we live and work by each day at Moracle."
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