Mazars and Spotlight Reporting

The accounting world is ever-changing, full of innovation and transformation, but to truly succeed, businesses must be ready to make a difference.

In a population where ‘Want it and Need it Now’ has become the new norm, it can often feel like stepping through muddy waters to navigate the industry, and with technology constantly evolving with so much choice on the market, it can be difficult to cut through the noise. This is where Mazars comes in, and they are on a mission to shape the future of accounting as we know it. 

Mazars provides auditing, accounting, tax and advisory services in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Founded in Europe, Mazars is present in over 95 countries and territories, with over 40,000 professionals dedicated to helping clients make the most of business opportunities and operate with confidence. 

In the UK, Mazars is among the largest firms in its sector and a leading auditor to Public Interest Entities (PIEs). Mazars provides a balanced perspective and an empowered expertise to clients of all sizes, from individuals and SMEs to mid-caps and global players, as well as start-ups and public organisations at every stage of their development.

Say hello to shiny reports and goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets 

Like many large firms, Mazars found themselves spending too much of their time preparing management accounts, but Spotlight Reporting was there to help. For Mazars, their clients needed to be able to make informed business decisions and required timely management information to do this. Using a digital end to end solution for clients seemed to be the next logical step, and by utilising a number of applications to deliver this, including Spotlight Reporting, they could focus more on their clients. 

Spotlight Reporting enables Mazars to build powerful management reports and forecasts for their clients that are insightful and engaging; and empowers them to become valued advisors that work with businesses to help them grow and develop.  On a mission to help clients make the most of business opportunities and operate with confidence, Spotlight Reporting has allowed Mazars to spend less time on Excel and more with the people that matter, their clients. Although moving away from Excel proved challenging at first, by utilising the power of reporting tech, Mazars were able to have an enhanced, sophisticated output that impressed their clients and saved them time. 

Another challenge that presented itself for Mazars was the complexities of amending traditional Excel accounts for a change in management information. This would often cause time-consuming efforts to make even the smallest of change and mean reporting would be less-streamlined and cause inefficiencies. Using Spotlight Reporting’s suite of tools, Mazars were able to have full KPI transparency as well as the possibilities to prepare timely reports allowing clients to make more frequent decisions. 

Mazars and advisory: On a mission

As part of its offering, Mazars are focusing efforts on advisory and are keen to move forward into this space to help make more positive impacts on clients. Mazars wants to provide support for the critical moments that define their clients' success. They offer a global team of financial advisory experts who are well-versed in the financial challenges a business will face and using Spotlight Reporting, can work closely to provide tailored, practical and technical advice to guide them through these critical moments. When rolling out their advisory services, Spotlight Reporting became a prominent part of their packaged advisory offering. 

Having seen the benefit of the Mazars app stack and seeing the opportunities that technology such as Spotlight Reporting brings to the table, Mazars are fully onboard with cloud accounting and are leading the way for innovation in business. 

Rachael Stewart, Senior Client Advisory Manager & Global SME PMO at Mazars comments, 

“I’d recommend using Spotlight Reporting to grow the valued advisory services that clients now expect from their relationship with their accountant.”

As accountants and businesses only continue to get busier, the journey to advisory may not always be plain sailing, but with tools like Spotlight Reporting in its pocket, Mazars can make their lives easier and their clients too. 

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