Kunal Devabhai: Powering the world of accountancy software, one sneaker at a time

When it comes to sales in technology, one must be determined, knowledgeable and forward-thinking, and as talking to people every day is the job, ultimately a people-person. Kunal Devabhai is exactly that person.. As an avid sneaker collector and with a passion for entrepreneurship, Kunal brings many aspirational qualities to his sales role at Spotlight Reporting. He undoubtedly thrives in his surroundings and has accomplished much in his career so far.

Where the student becomes the master in sales

As a young student, Kunal began his journey studying accountancy. After a change in circumstance, Kunal followed his father’s flare for sales by heading into his first sales role. This is where he focused on VoIP technology and ventured into Solutions as a Service (SaaS). As Kunal got a buzz from working in sales, he quickly moved from Telemarketer to Sales Assistant, where he remained for a few years before heading into the cybersecurity and software space. After  dabbling in those industries, Kunal fixed his mind on working in Fintech, which is where his sales story in accounting begins. 

Having worked for Quickbooks and Karbon in a sales capacity, Kunal has a strong background in this industry. Working at Quickbooks for more than three years, Kunal quickly found his spark and excelled in the industry. He began as an Account Manager and before long was promoted to a Senior Account Manager. 

Ready for the next step with Spotlight Reporting

With some well-known industry favourites under his belt, and a stint at Karbon as an Senior Account Executive, Kunal decided it was time for a change, and this is where he found his calling at Spotlight Reporting. 

Kunal says, ‘It was an ideal fit, as Spotlight is a value-add solution, it can help its clients not only save time but scale and move into the advisory space.’ As he has worked within the industry for a number of years, Kunal’s knowledge of advisory is robust, meaning he can focus on supporting practices in making better business decisions. As well as the role being a good fit, Kunal says Spotlight’s culture was a drawcard for him, as he found himself seeking the friendly familiarity of teams and how this allows for easy collaborative working.

Since joining Spotlight Reporting in March 2023 as a Senior Account Manager in the EMEA Team, Kunal has dived headfirst into his role. To kick off his time at Spotlight, he took part in a two week onboarding programme, before hitting the ground running. Now Kunal works with the wider team, including colleagues in Customer Success, Support and Marketing. 

A typical day for Kunal involves many meetings, following-up with customers to ensure they’re getting the best out of Spotlight, and catching up with the EMEA team. As part of Kunal’s role, he often helps clients identify pain points and discusses more on what they want to achieve in their practice. Throughout it all Kunal brings a quality that is a true asset to business, in that he truly cares about his clients, regularly sitting down with them to find out more about how they can get the most out of the solution.

It’s not all Jordans and Dunks, there’s even a puppy too

Away from the office, Kunal enjoys a number of personal pursuits, with his entrepreneurial interests including sneaker buying and selling, collecting, and investing in crypto. Kunal is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with his Doberman puppy, Roman. In his spare time, Kunal loves to travel and has visited some breathtaking places including Maldives, India, Abu Dhabi and more. 

In the next twelve months, Kunal is keen to support and take the EMEA team to the next level, working hard to ensure all of the team succeed and grow. He says he’s keen to attend well-known industry events and share his knowledge and expertise with all those he meets. 

There’s no doubt that Kunal will continue to be a real force for Spotlight, making waves and supporting successes for all those he works with.


Best trip you ever took: Maldives 

The first cassette tape you ever owned: Dr Dre 

Most watched TV show : Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Your very first paying job: Waitrose 

Iphone or Android: Iphone

Most famous person you’ve met: Dame Judi Dench 

Favourite movie: Signs/Rocky (1,2,3)  

Something that makes you feel old: Prefers to sit down for a meal than go out for drinks

When you need to save money, what’s the first thing you cut: Buying sneakers 

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