Revolutionising reporting: How Bromhead Accountants utilise Spotlight Reporting for future-focused accounting

The accounting industry is currently experiencing a significant transformation, driven by factors such as digitalisation, compliance requirements, and the need to stay up-to-date with the latest legislative changes. In response, accountants across the globe are making significant strides to keep pace with these trends and stay ahead of the curve. 

Working from its base in the port city of Plymouth, Bromhead Accountants (Bromhead) are a forward-thinking firm who are defining those trends. With a team of chartered accountants, Bromhead works with business and personal tax clients. Clients are at the very forefront of what they do, and Bromhead’s systems and processes are designed to help look after their clients throughout all stages of their business. They advise ambitious and dynamic businesses, social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, private individuals and families on all aspects of business, tax and growth. Bromhead creates a personalised service geared to businesses and the team helps clients add value and make the right decisions.

Ready to take the next steps, Neil Stevens, Director at Bromhead took a keen interest in Spotlight Reporting to explore how they can use the technology to provide value to their clients. Neil comments,

Bromhead was ready to take its reporting to the next stage, and Spotlight Reporting was able to produce precise, fully-customiseable and eye-catching reports, not only impressing many of its CFO clients, but the internal teams too.”

With Bromhead’s drive for success, it was time to invest in the proper tools to take them to the next level, and that was the start of the journey with Spotlight Reporting.

With a promising roll-out, Spotlight Reporting enabled Bromhead to bring on board new clients whose investors were impressed with its functionality and presentation. Spotlight Reporting empowered Bromhead to lead the way in accounting, offering first-class solutions to guide clients on their business journey. 

“Spotlight Reporting gives us the ability to add insight and dimension to our reporting in a way which is simple for our clients to understand. This helps us provide actionable advice and allows us to monitor the important KPIs so we can track the impact of decisions made.”

Bromhead was able to start many conversations with clients and open new doors to opportunities with a value-add solution. 

Bromhead undertook several training sessions with Spotlight Reporting to help provide greater insight into the product and showcase the value it can bring. After a few months of learning, the team were able to take it to the real world, and could highlight the real benefits of the product, thus helping clients and their business succeed. With a successful roll-out to many of Neil’s own CFO clients, the focus was then on implementing Spotlight Reporting to the wider business.

“Bromhead Accountants’ decision to use Spotlight Reporting has proven to be a game-changer for their business. By embracing technology and adopting a forward-thinking approach, they have not only improved reporting processes for their clients, but have also successfully monetised their services and attracted new clients,” says Neil. The power of technology and innovation can never be underestimated, and Bromhead Accountants' success story is a testament to that. By continuing to evolve and adapt to changing times, they are poised to remain a leading firm in their field for years to come.

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