Moore Evolution: Evolving Workforces with Spotlight Reporting

For a global accountancy firm such as Moore, with history dating back to the early 1900s (a time where nobody had even heard of Excel - or a computer!), the waves that technology was slowly making saw the start of something new. Many years later, as the world moved in a new direction and technology exploded into daily life, the need for automation was established, and provided the opportunity for businesses like Moore Evolution to rise up.

Creating a connected workforce

Moore Evolution began from the need to modernise accounting procedures for both the practice and the client. Over the last year the team has been creating an energetic, hybrid and connected workforce that allows for remote working and improved efficiencies. Warren Primo, Cloud Manager at Moore Evolution has been involved significantly in making this happen. To achieve this, Moore Evolution uses technologies to innovate accounting through smart solutions - and this is where the relationship with Spotlight Reporting first began.  

Spotlight Reporting forms a core part of the business's appstack and provides clients with clear and precise analysis through simple and fully customisable graphs and charts. As an all-in-one platform for financial reporting, forecasting and KPI tracking, Spotlight Reporting allows Moore to help customers when they need it the most, showcasing simple and quick reports and forecasts which reveal compelling insights which support and guide their clients at any stage.

Overcoming challenges with the ability to provide multiple entity consolidations

Moore’s purpose is to help people thrive – whether that be its clients, its people, and the communities they live and work in. Spotlight Reporting helps Moore overcome many of these challenges, providing the ability to consolidate multiple entities and display results as one, and  the integrations of various trial balances. 

By using Spotlight Reporting, Moore can focus on what’s really important to them, its clients, saving time, improving efficiencies and strengthening relationships.  

Moore works with an abundance of industries, from hospitality to property, and an array of clients with their own needs and requirements. Warren explains how one client in particular, involved in the hospitality industry is impressed, “By using Spotlight, it has enhanced our ability to report on group consolidation and specific projects such as rent, food and beverages etc.” 

Warren also comments, “Spotlight is great with our client, a property rental group, splitting commercial and residential reporting while easily consolidating.” 

Support where it truly matters

With support where it truly matters, Moore can utilise Spotlight’s in-house expertise and training to assist with the integration, making for a more seamless experience from start to finish. By completing the training and using Spotlight’s online learning hub, the team is able to focus on delivering quality results and making a difference to its clients. 

Warren concludes,

“Accountants should use Spotlight Reporting as it enhances on the service offering to clients by providing insightful visual data and information regarding trends with a clients' operations. The ease of use, while building tailored reporting and data for each clients', allows us to speak to clients' individual business operations.”

With a seamless integration with Xero, Spotlight Reporting allows the team at Moore to extract the data quickly when they need it. This integration enables Moore to monitor performance for its clients and grow opportunities in a competitive market. 

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