The sky’s the limit with Tracked Category Reporting

There’s a lot out there that we’re yet to learn. For instance, did you know that the first-ever recorded human name in history belonged to an accountant.

Introducing “Did You Know”, our latest blog series where we will take you on a journey to discover some of the things about Spotlight Reporting that you’re yet to discover.* Get ready to learn about some of the groundbreaking features that can offer your business plenty of insight and the chance to well and truly level up.

*Things about Spotlight Reporting that you might not have to discovered.

Tracked Budget Reporting: Did You Know?

Tracked Budget Reporting: Did You Know

To infinity and beyond? Not quite, but almost. Last year, we launched Tracked Category Reporting, our innovative tool that allows businesses to freely explore the data from multiple angles. With this feature, whether you want to keep tabs on your departments, cost centres or locations, you can be confident in the data that's right in front of you.

There are quite a few handy things that you can do with Tracked Budget Reporting, we’ve listed our favourites below that you might not be aware of:

1. Unlimited opportunities

With Spotlight Reporting’s Tracked Category Reporting, you can have as many (or as few) tracking categories as you like. With unlimited categories, your business can do more with its data and have the flexibility to import, explore, and report on the performance of divisions, departments, locations and more.

2. The right tools to get you there

You have the choice to use the following to get a whole picture of your data: 

  • Xero (“Tracking Categories)
  • Quickbooks (“Locations and Classes”) data sources.

3. Get a birds eye view of all your tracking data

You have the ability to multi-select tracking options, meaning you can see a whole new level of business area granularity.

4. The control is yours, use it

You have complete control over the data you want to display in reports, and can find the exact metrics that matter most.

Whether you’re looking at a quick glance or a whole angle view, with Tracked Budget Reporting it has never been easier.

“I’m using Tracked Budgets for some of our UK Property companies and it’s great! It allows us to analyse the actual vs budget figures for each property which is exactly what these clients need. We use Spotlight for clients that own multiple properties within one company and want to prepare budgets by property to match with the tracking categories in Xero. We plan on rolling this feature out across all our property clients.”
Finance Studio ZA

There’s plenty more information where that came from. If you’ve read through this and you’re ready to see what Tracked Budget Reporting can do for you, take a look here to get in touch today. 

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