Powered by Spotlight Reporting: Top UK firm HW Fisher brings more to its clients

The combination of technology and human expertise is a powerful one, with leading accounting firms bringing these two important ingredients together to better serve clients and grow business. HW Fisher is setting an example of how technology can elevate advisory services and specialised offerings. The partner-led firm is a top 30 chartered accountancy business in the United Kingdom, providing expert accountancy, audit, tax, corporate and financial advisory services to a range of clients, from entrepreneurial SMEs right through to large corporates and even individuals. 

In recent years, HW Fisher has invested in cloud accounting software tools to enhance advisory services and other offerings, to improve outcomes for clients and all stakeholders.

The motivation to invest in cloud accounting software

As a relationship-driven firm, HW Fisher works on a partnership basis with its clients. Providing financial guidance and expertise throughout a company’s lifecycle to ensure those on the ground can turn their attention to more important matters, such as strategic development. Working with a wide range of clients from start-up businesses right through to mature organisations, the firm works to identify the client’s specific needs and tailor services accordingly.

Simon Michaels, Director at HW Fisher says, “We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of each and every business. We recognise no business is the same and will plan, tailor and implement our services to a client’s specific needs.”

As part of its services, HW Fisher communicates numbers in a user-friendly manner, while also providing high-level strategic advice. Over the years, the firm has sunk numerous hours into collating data and producing reports, which at times meant there was little time left over to offer deeper insights to aid with decision-making.

Cloud accounting software presented the means for HW Fisher to automate and streamline processes, improving the capturing and relaying of information, and enabled more nuanced and detailed insights to be offered on the reports presented.

Simon, comments, “Cloud accounting software has changed the way we work. It enables businesses to streamline their processes in a cost-effective way, and check progress in real-time. We’re proud to be a Platinum Partner with Xero, a Certified ProAdvisor with Quickbooks and at the forefront of various cloud-based products including Dext where we are a preferred supplier.”

Working with Spotlight Reporting to better serve clients

As part of HW Fisher’s core software tools, Spotlight Reporting provides the means to produce accurate, well-presented, user-friendly information quickly and effectively. In fact, the firm now offers it as part of a suite of software to all SME clients.

Simon says, “The integration with the likes of Xero and QBO means we can set up the links quickly and month after month provide timely, up-to-date management information. This streamlined process enables us to refocus our efforts on interpretation and decision making and less on preparation.”

Two specific ways Spotlight Reporting has further enabled HW Fisher is through consolidation and reporting. Consolidation has long been a challenge in the accounting world, with multiple currencies and group numbers ripe for complication.

Spotlight Reporting has simplified this with automated consolidation that takes into account different currencies and branches or groups. Reporting is another of Spotlight Reporting’s strong suits, with the ability to produce clear, specific and consistent reports to clients in a timely manner, with the accountants then able to expand on patterns and trends that the reports indicate.

“This is a strong, robust piece of kit in the accountant’s toolbox. The speed of producing monthly management accounts in itself is why other accountants should use it, couple that with a well-presented easy to use reporting tool makes this an obvious choice.”

Spotlight Reporting enhances advisory services and client relationships with its effective and easy-to-use tools designed by accountants, for accountants. Continual improvements and robust integrations make this a go-to tool for all leading accountancy firms. If you’re ready to see what Spotlight Reporting can do for your business, you can start a 14-day free trial.

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