About this webinar

Watch this recorded webinar and learn how to create winning advisory strategies that drive performance and results (from a winner!). Hosted by Yolande Couderc from Spotlight Reporting with our guests, Shane Crommelin (Managing Director, Elevate Accounting) and Chris McColm (Strategic Partnerships Manager, Receipt Bank).

Step inside the mind of an advisory champion and find out exactly what Shane has done to win:

  • Partner of the Year and Business Advisory Firm of the Year (2019 Australian Accounting Awards)
  • Partner of the Year (Boutique Firm) and New Firm of the Year (2018 Australian Accounting Awards)
  • Partner of the Year, Fastest Growing Firm of the Year, and Advisor Excellence Award (2018 Western Australian Accounting Awards)

Find out what strategies Shane has adopted to get real outcomes and results for Elevate Accounting. He shares the best ways to achieve your mission-critical objectives and gives you practical, actionable steps you can start working with straight away. Chris McColm from Receipt Bank will also gives a glimpse of what’s needed to streamline your processes to ensure you’re focusing on key performance to get pure results.

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