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Earn up to 2.0 CPD hours

Spotlight Reporting Introductory webinar 2

1. Spotlight overview
2. Creating an organisation
3. Importing data
4. Easy customisation options
5. Sharing your report

Spotlight Reporting Advanced webinar

1. Customise your data
2. Set up KPI's / targets
3. Create your custom charts
4. Saving report templates
5. Create a consolidated report

Spotlight Forecasting Introductory webinar

1. Set up a new organisation
2. Using the Task Manager
3. Importing data
4. Flexing budgets
5. P&L and Dynamic rules

Spotlight Forecasting Advanced webinar

1. Update actuals in a forecast
2. Balance sheet forecast rules
3. Loan amortisation rule
4. Create 'what-if' scenarios
5. Comparison pages and outputs

Loan Amortisation in Spotlight Forecasting 1
Loan Amortisation Rule and Dynamic Rules

Our Loan Amortisation Rule and Dynamic Rules in Spotlight Forecasting are real time savers for accountants. They reduce the creation time of a forecast by around 30 mins! Enjoy this video taking you through these two useful features.

Spotlight Reporting 1400x750 Hero
Spotlight Suite Overview (UK)

In this webinar, we will go over the main products in the Spotlight suite and explore how our award-winning No. 1 advisory tools can save you time, effort and can open up additional revenue streams.

Spotlight Starter Overview webinar hero image 2
Spotlight Starter Overview

Discover how Spotlight products work alongside each other to enable accountants to provide value-add advisory services. In this webinar, we'll go through Spotlight's main tools and show how they can be applied to your client base.

Spotlight SVCFO Overview webinar hero image
Spotlight Super VCFO Overview (UK)

Looking to become a trusted advisor to your clients? Learn how to with our range of Spotlight products. Join us for this live demo that will give you insight into how our Super VCFO package will enable your firm to deploy value-add advisory services across your client base.