Forward facing accounting: the new norm

Prue McStay (Astute Mode) reveals the challenges and benefits of focusing on Advisory, and not just compliance.
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Prue McStay
Director, B. Com., CPA at Astute Mode
Prue’s background includes extensive work with one of Australia’s largest retail companies, telecoms, online/web-based, health and recruitment industries. Her areas of expertise include financial control, management accounting, financial accounting, system and process design and implementation, financial evaluation, business advisory, project management and general troubleshooting.

Making forward facing accounting the new norm

Prue McStay, Director at Astute Mode reveals the challenges and benefits of building a firm that focuses on forward facing Advisory services and not just retroactive compliance work.

This podcast will provide accountants serious about developing Advisory services in their firm, insights into the three key areas needed for success - systems, process, and people.

Instead of starting with compliance work and building towards Advisory over time, Prue explains how Advisory was the natural starting point for them which led picking up their client's compliance work as well.

“It’s more exciting to be walking beside someone helping them through the next steps in their business than just talking about last years results.”