How to deliver Advisory

Steph Hinds (Growthwise) gives us her specific steps and strategies to deliver Advisory and grow new revenue streams.
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Steph Hinds
Head Ninja at Growthwise
Steph decided to become an accountant because she wanted to help shape the future of small businesses in Australia.Steph is passionate about empowering small business owners to think outside the box, and achieve success.

How to deliver Advisory

In this episode, we talk with Steph Hinds, Head Ninja at Growthwise about practical ways to deliver Advisory in an accounting firm.

She shares her experience in areas of hiring the right people and educating the team to deliver advisory services.

Taking it a step further Steph shares how she runs workshops for her clients to help them understand the value of Advisory and to get the best from this service offering.

This episode contains a wealth of specific steps and strategies to successfully deliver Advisory and grow new revenue streams in an accounting firm.

“My advice to to get started with advisory services is begin with two clients. Once you’ve taken that leap everything else will begin to fall into place.”