Elevating client success: ODEA transforms businesses with Spotlight Reporting

Embarking on the journey to success can be challenging for small businesses in today's competitive landscape. ODEA is working to reshape this narrative. The family-owned and operated accounting services business based in South Africa has a remarkable track record spanning over a decade.

With 15 staff and over 250 clients, ODEA strategically places technology at the forefront of its operations, redefining the industry with novel practices, automation, and a personalised touch to cater to clients' needs.

Investing in digital transformation for the benefit of all clients

ODEA's accounting service teams allocate their time across clients, ensuring each one benefits from a dedicated team. This approach fosters a stronger connection and keeps clients well-informed throughout the advisory process. As they found many of their clients were starting to move towards a more digital mindset, it was time to follow suit. 

With their clients moving away from traditional bookkeeping, ODEA found it more time-consuming to work through the day-to-day paperwork. As their roster of clients were all using Xero, Rikus Smit, Director at ODEA, required a solution to keep up with the demand. After hearing about Spotlight Reporting, the ODEA team was ready to take the leap. 

With an existing relationship with Xero, Spotlight Reporting was the perfect solution for ODEA. When trialling Spotlight, Rikus liked the comprehensive reports and the captivating visualisation packs, and was pleased that it seamlessly integrated with Xero. It was a great value-add proposition for them and meant they could pair up with the right partners for cloud accounting and keep their retainer clients happy.

Realising rewards with Spotlight Reporting’s solutions and tools

Once the decision was made to go with Spotlight Reporting, Rikus and his team swiftly embraced the platform. Their strong tech-savviness made onboarding a breeze. After the initial manual tasks were completed, the rollout process gained momentum. A helpful training session conducted by Spotlight’s Education, Training, and Support team, ensured ODEA's easy establishment, and allowed the solution to be introduced to significant clients over the span of a few months. The benefits were almost instant to ODEA, as they experienced time savings from reduced manual efforts, enabling the team to prioritise client satisfaction with undivided attention.

Rikus states,

Spotlight is a joy to work with.” 

Within a few months ODEA began to grasp the true capabilities of Spotlight Reporting. The impact was clear when a new client came on board and was immediately blown away by the insightful Spotlight Reports crafted by ODEA. These reports delved deep into the analysis of the business, and the client was genuinely pleased that ODEA could offer a level of assistance that their previous accounting firm couldn't match.

Notably, ODEA didn't just impress the new client with an added-value solution, they also managed to adopt a more personalised approach. This shift allowed them to spend less time bogged down by paperwork and more time focusing on presenting the client with precisely the information they needed. This dual effect not only saved time but also had a tangible positive impact, all in one go.

Deepening client partnerships and empowering businesses

Shifting away from the hassle of time-consuming paperwork that strained the team, ODEA has pivoted towards managing an increased client load and leaving a positive impression on every client interaction. This transformation has enabled ODEA to thrive and place unwavering emphasis on its core priority: its clients. 

ODEA's mission reflects a blend of intelligence and modesty, aiming not for sheer size but for the pinnacle of recognition within the South African SME market. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology and amplifying their in-person interactions with clients, ODEA is charting a promising path towards success.

The partnership between practice and technology provider is crucial and adds value to both the business and to its clients. Leveraging technology to enhance efficiency is a must, as time is money, and investing to save time and money is worthwhile. This empowers businesses like ODEA to benefit from increased capacity, allowing them to dedicate more meaningful time to its clients in areas of true significance.

ODEA is doing some great things, take a look at their services here.

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