About this webinar

Preparing comprehensive consolidated reporting for multi-entity companies has been laborious, costly and lacking in timeliness for too long. That’s no longer the case with cutting-edge cloud technologies.

Join our Training and Support Specialist, Richard Phillips and watch this video to discover how you can make consolidation effortless, faster and scalable using cloud technologies.

Learn how to:

•  Consolidate any number of related companies quickly and effectively using Spotlight Multi

•  Easily consolidate global entities with our foreign exchange features

•  Aggregate, rank and benchmark

•  Show anonymised rankings for sharing with franchisees and branches

•  Minimise the manual transposition risk and outdated reporting options

About Spotlight Multi

Spotlight Multi is a specialist tool that takes the drudgery out of creating multi-entity reports where comparisons are key. It allows you to aggregate, rank and benchmark up to 500 organisations.

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