About this webinar

Being successful in both business and investing has gotten increasingly more complicated – business and high net worth individuals are forced to establish multiple entities (GPs, LPs, LLCs, C-corps, S-corp, etc.) in complicated structures to achieve high returns, investment diversity, risk minimization, and tax efficiency.

Tracking income, expenses, and cash flow in addition to generating tax returns can become a complex operation and consume significant time and resources.  

Fortunately cloud technology has evolved and now provides businesses, solo investors, and family offices a holistic view of not just their business, but their entire portfolio of companies and investments either public or private. When combined with expert accounting support and advice, consolidation with tools like Spotlight and Xero make that process more efficient and valuable for clients. 

But how are firms doing this?

Spotlight and Xero bring together a Virtual Fireside Chat and Demo with EisnerAmper LLP, a Top20 firm in the US, to explain how multi-entity organizations and high net worth individuals make better decisions by consolidating financial information in the cloud.  We’ll be discussing and sharing:

  • How Spotlight and Xero provide solutions to make Multi-entity accounting easy
  • Insight into features and functionality important to the accountant who is responsible for accurate and timely reporting
  • Examples of how clients are using these tools to make better decision
  • What areas you need to be thinking about to address multi entity consolidations, including inter-company loans and foreign currency exchange.

This webinar is for accountants, CFOs, and business owners. If you are dealing with multiple GL accounts, non-standardized charts of accounts, and managing a holistic view on your (client’s) finances, watch this recording.

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