About this webinar

Watch this webinar recording to find out more about apps in the accounting ecosystem. Choosing the right apps can be difficult – without a reliable app stack, it simply wouldn’t be possible to successfully manage internal processes and drive client collaboration.

Hosted by Daniel Shively from Spotlight Reporting, this webinar features guests; Nick Barnard from Receipt Bank, and Esther Friedberg Karp from EFK CompuBooks. They discuss:

  • How to choose and re-evaluate apps for your accounting practice.
  • Problems that apps should be solving on a daily basis for you and your team.
  • The best way to maximize direct and indirect ROI from your app stack.
  • Easy ways to create efficient workflows for your client data.

Watch the recording and find out everything you need to know about choosing and re-evaluating apps, as well as what other successful cloud accounting practices are using.

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