About this webinar

The latest Good Bad Ugly Technology Poll shows that Australian accounting firms are continuing to struggle with two challenges: 1) fully utilising all their software systems and 2) lack of integration. Why are these results the same year on year, and how do we finally overcome these challenges?

Danelle Whaanga (Global Customer Success Manager, Spotlight Reporting) and Brad Geelan (Head of Business Development Business Fitness) discuss these challenges. They also share results and insights from the 2020 Good Bad Ugly Technology Report and cover:

  • Why software is only one piece of the puzzle – why the people driving it, and the processes put around it are equally as important, but why they’re often overlooked.  
  • If you have it all – Proposal software, Practice Management software, GL software, client add-ons, through to Reporting software – how to zoom out and put strategies into place to enjoy a faster and stronger ROI.
  • What successful firms are doing in regards to tech stack selection, implementation and maximisation. 

Watch this webinar recording to identify how your firm compares with the poll results, and most importantly, what you can do to move forward.

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