About this webinar

Watch this webinar recording to find out how to fire bad clients using industry best practice to guide you through the process. Hosted by Emily Mason, this webinar recording features Brendan Lucas, Director of Hopscotch Accounting.

Emily and Brendan discuss everything from the definition of a bad client, to the best process for ending a client relationship on good terms. Specifically, they talk about:

  • The criteria for defining a bad client – what to look out for and early warning signs.
  • Legitimate reasons for ending a relationship with a client, and how to make your decision.
  • The best process to follow if wanting to end a relationship and scripting you can use to make this easier.
  • Benefits for your culture, your bottom line and productivity.

Watch the video to learn more about navigating your way around difficult clients.

What people are saying:

  • "Very interesting case study examples. The session highlighted many useful points which are relatively easy to implement, however they are things you don't always readily think of. " Chris Holyer, PWC
  • "Loved the quality and the information you provided and discussed. Brendan giving real life examples helps understand the process better. Both Emily and Brendon presented well and had obviously prepped well before the webinar. It's definitely one I'd like to share with our directors and principals." John Schol, Director and CEO of Malloch McClean
  • "Run by people who have actually done it and giving honest opinions/suggestions was good. There is information out there, but we want to listen to people we trust (Spotlight Reporting and Hopscotch) who are in the game and working in and growing their practice." Helen Fox, Founder of Heland Consultants
  • "It was really practical. Liked the fact that Emily had that public practice experience which she used to compliment what Brendan had to say." Gordon Tian, Director, JZR Accountants and Consultants
  • "This topic has not been talked about much historically, so it was interesting to hear about approaches that have worked and respect the client relationship, even as you are ending it." Sasha Prien, Director, Axiom Advantage

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