About this webinar

The onslaught of this pandemic has truly gripped the accounting industry. The way accountants are having to think, manage client relationships, shuffle team priorities, and make decisions under enormous pressure has shown just how much emotional and psychological stress accountants are really under.

This webinar recording will help you build resilience and avoid consequences like breakdown and burnout. Daniel Harper (Spotlight Reporting), Phil Hobden (Capitalise), and Carl Reader (Practice Ignition) teaches you what to do (and what not to do) in a crisis, and give advice on how to implement coping strategies.

Specifically, they discuss:

  • Ways to feel in control and regulate your attention while you're working from home.
  • How to show empathy while keeping people and clients at the heart of your strategy.
  • The proper way to go about Business Continuity Planning and tools to use.
  • Valuable actions to put Forecasting at the front and centre to help your clients

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