Consolidate, Rank, Visualise and Benchmark. Time for a new way.


  • Consolidated view

    Up to 500 related organisations and a visual scorecard that plots entities against 2 KPI's of your choosing.

  • Organisation Rankings and KPIs

    Ranking of organisations against various KPI’s like Revenue, Profit and Margin. A KPI scorecard to track group progress to Targets.

  • Exception reporting

    Exception reporting by entity to highlight good and under-performance.

  • Chart Galleries

    As many as you want, with over 50 charts to choose from, plus customise your own.

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  • Training

    We have regular free online webinars, as well as plenty of other resources in the Help Centre for our users.

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    Download a Fact sheet, giving you an overview of Spotlight Multi and its features.

  • Sample Report

    See snapshots of the app in action, and the reports that make Spotlight Multi so useful.

  • Partners

    Our partners are professionals who create Spotlight Reports and provide useful advice. Find one near you.

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What our customers are saying

  • "Spotlight Reporting has been the mainstay of our reporting, management decision-making and governance. Spotlight is now part of our DNA."

    — Chris O’Neill, BATS Theatre

  • "We love the visibility and reporting options this software offers which is great for our varied client base. We use Spotlight Reporting for our best clients."

    — Matthew Murphy, MPR Accountants & Advisors

  • "We use Spotlight Reporting at the board level. It’s clear analysis gives us a wide view of the company’s performance and also helps us drill down into the detail."

    — Sam Minnee, Silverstripe Limited

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