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Our software is constantly evolving. Check out our most recent product updates to stay ahead of the game.

Industry Templates

Scale specialised reports across your industry verticals and monetise your advisory services using our new industry templates.  Select from a whole range of industries including Retail, Hospitality, Agriculture and more.

Industry Templates report

Comparison Pages in Forecasting

Visibility and analysis is helpful when discussing the future with clients. Our new Spotlight Forecasting feature allows you to add pages to the Cashflow forecast report so you can compare actuals to forecast as well as comparing various ‘what if’ scenarios.   

comparison pages

Design Your Own Report Covers

Spotlight reports are designed to visually story-tell what has happened leading to valuable conversations and more informed decisions for better business outcomes. All good stories start from the beginning. You now have the freedom to customise report covers to showcase your own style and brand. Let your style shine through with new report covers in Spotlight Reporting

Customised report covers in Spotlught Reporting 600px

Loan Amortisation Rule in Forecasting

Recording loans in your forecast is essential for preparing accurate and meaningful cash forecasts, however, it can be a time-consuming exercise and prone to error. With the new loan amortisation rule, simply enter the loan details and Spotlight Forecasting will perform the calculations and record all the relevant information in the forecast for you.


Loan Amortisation Rule

QuickBooks Desktop Connector

We’ve got great news for accounting firms with clients using QuickBooks desktop. We’ve added a QuickBooks desktop connector that will import your data directly into Spotlight without having to use Excel. The new integration will save time and remove Excel importing issues so you can offer more accurate Spotlight Reports and Forecasts to your clients.

QB Intergration

Dynamic Rules in Spotlight Forecasting

Dynamic rules calculate the value of an account based on another account or formula. As the figures in the base account changes, the dynamic rule will automatically update the values in linked accounts. This feature will help you prepare an accurate forecast much more easily and intuitively.

Dynamic Rules

Cash Flow Analysis Page with Waterfall Chart

Our new cash flow analysis page in Spotlight Reporting monitors cash movements and balances critical for businesses. Cash is needed to reinvest, grow and pay bills. The new cash flow waterfall chart is a visual representation of the impact that business decisions have on a client’s bank balance.


Cash Flow Analysis page in Spotlight Reporting 600px updated 1

Action Plan

Our new Action Plan page helps advisors clearly communicate key actions and keep track of progress, deadlines, and responsibilities. It's useful for all divisions and departments across the business.


Action plan

Xero HQ integration

You can now connect Spotlight Reporting to your Xero HQ account to become more proactive with servicing your clients using your two favourite apps. Once connected, you can set up alerts in Spotlight Reporting which will appear in Xero HQ.

hq spotlight reporting twitter

Spotlight A-Z list of features & functionality

Looking for a specific product feature or comparing functions? 
Download a copy of Spotlight A-Z list of features and functionality and keep it on your desk for easy reference.

New A Z list