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Time: 12pm AEST / 2pm NZST

Duration: 1 hour

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What is Transform In Action?

Transform In Action is a paid action-based 9 week course (9 x 1 hour online sessions) showing you how to design and implement successful advisory in your practice. Our deep-dive advisory sessions are hosted weekly by our Customer Success Team. Sessions are built around business coaching, industry best-practice and Richard Francis’ Transform! Advisory playbook. The purpose of the course is to:

  • Walk you through the design of your advisory practice.
  • Show you how to identify your target market and ideal clients.
  • Help you define clear objectives, timeframes and responsibilities.
  • Establish clear service offerings and target clients for these.
  • Understand how a toolkit can be used to underpin your advisory services.
  • Provide strategies for selling to existing clients.
  • Up-skilll your team members to run advisory relationships with your clients.
  • Network with peers and firms at similar stages to help overcome challenges.

Note: Transform In Action! qualifies for CPD hours.

Course Programme

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